These short four week courses offer introductions to basic office skills. Each session lasts 2 1/4 hours and tea, coffee and biscuits are provided on arrival. These courses are

free to those aged 65 or over,


Introduction to Microsoft Publisher

If you would like to learn how to create attractive and readable newsletters, cards, leaflets, small magazines or books then this if the right course for you. Offering a simple introduction to the desktop publishing tool Microsoft Publisher, you will learn in the four weeks of the course how to set up a document, design for different types of publications, use templates, include images and get the most from typography. Discover everything that this versatile and creative program can offer. 

Using Microsoft Excel

This course offers a basic understanding of everything you can use Excel for, such as tracking your household budget, and teaches you how to create a spreadsheet

using simple formulas to get the most from the tools at your fingertips.


Using Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint creates presentations and can be used for sharing information in an attractive and easily viewable format. Over the course of four weeks you will learn how to

design and set up a presentation, including creating a layout and using animation in your slides. This means by the end of four weeks you will confidently be able to set up

 a colour and animated presentation which you can easily control and understand how to make changes to.

For information on course dates please Contact Charlie Peace, Training Co-ordinator, to book a place, or for more information.

Phone: 01793 716975

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